AIIM ECM certificate


An employee of active logistics Niederaula has obtained the AIIM ECM certificate and successfully completed it. What is behind the abbreviation AIIM ECM? This is an international certificate program that provides the recognized knowledge [...]

active weborder – Content-Update Document Repository and Service extension


With the recently released content update for active weborder, we are expanding the service portfolio of our modern SaaS solution for forwarding order entry with further interesting functions. In addition to [...]

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How do you benefit from EDI?

You free your employees from manual entry and control actions and you free yourself from labor costs for this automatable effort. This creates free space for your employees to care for more important tasks of your everyday business and you are saving a lot of money in spite of the running costs for the EDI connection.

Reason 1

That saves labor costs


The manual effort for the data entrance and control is inapplicable.

Reason 2

That saves costs and time, the error rate decreases, the customer satisfaction increases


Less reclamations and manual rework which may be caused by simple typing errors.

Reason 3

That creates unexpected potential for new projects.


Existing staff is relieved and may care for more important things.

How does it work?

Are you still exchanging documents via e-mail, fax or even letter and are annoyed by the manual effort and error rate? The world is talking EDI and the electronic data exchange is increasing steadily.

By using the electronic transmission path the communication works very fast – nearly in real-time.

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EDI, the most important questions and answers

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) incorporates the electronic interchange of data between any number of business partners. These data are sent as a message in defined and structured form which means that a common “language” has to be found with which everyone can communicate with each other.

EDI is used in nearly all big sectors like logistics, automobile industry, retail, finances etc. and is seen as the de facto standard for electronic interchange of documents from one business partner to another.

These are forms of data transmissions (transfer protocols) and regulate how your EDI data are transferred from A to B.

EDIFACT stands for “Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport”. It is an international message standard for the electronic data interchange in the intersectoral business volume. This common standard enables the optimal handling of diverse business processes between any partners / businesses.

For every perceivable business process, there are so-called distinct EDIFACT messages such as IFTMIN (instruction of transport), ORDERS (purchase order message) or INVOIC (invoice message) among others.

ZUGFeRD (Zentrale User Guidelines des Forums elektronische Rechnung Deutschland (central user guidelines of the forum electronic invoice Germany)) is a quick, cost-efficient and secure alternative to a classic EDI solution like EDIFACT INVOIC messages.

Essentially, it is a PDF document (PDF/A3) which functions as a container. Within this container, an electronic invoice in the form of structured data in XML format is embedded. Thus, it is ensured that the customer receives both a PDF invoice and a digital XML invoice which can be imported to the local system.

But of course! We can tether your SAP ERP system directly to our EDI solutions, regardless if it is a pure data exchange with SAP IDOC XML or SAP IDOC Flatfile with, for example, S(FTP), file deposition, SAP RFC, SAP ALE or Webservices. Thus, business data between the various IT systems of the involved partners and businesses can be exchanged and processed directly.

If you’re working with us as your EDI clearing center, then no.

An EDI clearing center is an EDI service provider which handles all EDI transactions: from data links, data transmissions to data exchanges and refining / enrichment of data via so-called mapping logics. Everything from one source. We provide the technical infrastructure, the EDI environment, with which the electronic data interchange between partner and business is realized. This encompasses important tasks like EDI routing, conversions, archiving, support, monitoring and much more.

All our EDI servers are operated in our own data center in Niederaula, Hessen. Thus, we can meet the highest expectations regarding security and flexibility.

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We are happy to support you with the implementation of EDI in your company.

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