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Please note our announcements on the new ADR 2019.

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Rollout 24.06.2019

Option 1 Tracking: As an active weborder feature we offer an “integrated tracking” within the order lists. Here you see shipment status and information concerning orders created in the application active weborder.

Option 2 Tracking: If you want to track all shipments in your forwarding network, we offer you on request the module “Transport tracing” including POD and other feautures.

Get to know the new option to to create an order forwarder to forwarder (cross-traffic) so that not only customers, but now forwarders also can be electronically connected to your transport management system in a few seconds.

The following is the summary of versions 1.34.0 to version 1.38.0 with various new and requested improvements and optimizations.

In addition to the changes listed below for you, we have also improved “active weborder” for your customers. For more information see “What’s new for your shipper?“.

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  • Update of the Dangerous Goods Database with ADR 2019. In active weborder of course with ADR-conformity according to Europe-wide valid regulation. Please check your inhouse systems and EDI transfer.
  • New link in the footer of the application to “System information” for reporting support cases when clicking with the left mouse button on the version number and linking in the footer of the application to privacy policy and imprint. Clicking on the version number in the footer of the application opens an additional window with the current system information. If you have technical problems with the application, please create a screenshot of this system information and forward it to HelpDesk / Support.

System Information via link in footer

Forwarder settings

  • In the business relationship management, the additional features available or activated are displayed in the overview of business relationships.
  • There is a new column “Field Configuration / Code Whitelist” in the overview of business relationships.
  • There is a new column “Features” in the overview of business relationships.
  • New administrative filter criteria for the business relationship overview (“Enabled Feature”, “Disabled Feature”, “Field Configuration”, “Code Whitelist”, “Only business relationships without predefined field configurations” and “Only business relationships without predefined code whitelists”).

Filter list view business relations

Liest view and filter

  • New filter criteria in the filter oft the loading lists (shipping orders) “Internal actioned stamp“.
  • New filter criteria concerning tracking is available when the feature of the “Integrated tracking” or the modul „Transport tracing“ is activated.

Filter loading lists

Filter order lists with track and trace search criteria

Filter order lists with track and trace search criteria

  • In the overview of your business relationships, you will now find an export function.
  • The export of order lists is extended by the column “Last edited by”.
  • For your shippers in bulk imports of parked orders, formats such as PDF and ZIP files are not supported. For detailed information about importing / uploading files, see the documentation. If you want a format other than csv and application documentation, this must be agreed bilaterally!
  • It is now also possible for your shippers to delete orders via a multiple selection, similar to the functions already available “Multiple lock” and “Add to loading list”. If the shipper simply wants to delete orders that have been created in active weborder but not yet released, or if bulk imports result in a large number of orders with incorrect data. In the example of the bulk import then only the import file needs to be adjusted and the manual correction of individual orders in active weborder, or the individual deletion via the list is omitted.
  • Introduction of the status “Internal actioned stamp” into the loading lists of the shipping order. From the functional area of ​​the freight forwarder loading list view, it is now possible to set the status to done or to reset it to open. In each case the current time and the current user are saved. The function only applies to shared loading lists!
  • Extension of the freight forwarder load list view by one column “Internal actioned stamp”. The content of the column is a status indicator (Open / Done) as well as the user and the timestamp to which this status has been set.
  • Technically, the newly introduced EDI queue optimizes in the background the export of the data of a loading list, a procurement order, a single log-on declaration and a quantity-log-on declaration. Previously, the status “Waiting” (and then “Released“) was displayed when you released it to the carrier. Now the newly introduced status “Pending” or “Warning” will be displayed. A detailed description can be found in the documentation.

Dashboard und statistics

    • Optimization and improvements.

Features, modules und functions

  • Multiple selection for processing orders
  • Create order forwarder to forwarder
  • Extensions of list views and filters
  • Order announcement
  • Order copies
  • EDI queue
  • Article registration
  • Extended validations
  • Internal actioned stamp
  • Integrated order tracking
  • Export: business relations
  • Export option shipper: addresses
  • Import option shipper: orders, addresses
  • “Transport tracing” as a bookable module including POD retrieval
  • Access HelpDesk / Support information by clicking on the version number of the footer of the application

Module Transport Tracing

  • When activating the module “Transport tracing” a new menu item “Transport tracing” will appear.
  • The filter critera of the order list filter will be enhanced for tracking if the “Integrated Tracking” feature is enabled or the module “Transport tracing” is enabled.
  • Option 1 Tracking: As a feature that can be booked, we offer integrated tracking in the order lists. Here you can see the procurement orders and shipping orders with status and shipment information recorded in active weborder.

We are happy to provide a demo version with test data.

  • Option 2 Tracking: If you want to see all shipments in your freight forwarding network, we can offer you on request “Transport tracing” module with constantly added features. As a feature we offer you the provision of delivery documents to the players of the transport chain on (POD call) and as a service the connection to our archive. Connections to other archives must be bilaterally agreed. The mentioned feature of the integrated tracking in the order lists and an anonymous shipment search are included in the tracking module for free. The anonymous consignment search can be integrated on your website as status tracking and as a modern real-time service for all your customers.

We are happy to show you the shipment tracking in a 30-minute demo event.

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