More Transparency for Freight Forwarding Customers

With an online information portal for dispatching and procurement processes, active tracking provides forwarding customers complete transparency over their supply chain. The cloud service of active logistics’ solution center in Niederaula documents the entire transport process for all participants in the supply chain.  In addition, the service provider merges and integrates the complete status information from all networks where the freight forwarder is active. It’s no problem to integrate third-party shipments, too.

“Freight forwarding customers can track all their shipments consolidated within our information portal with only one login,“ explains Stefan Eyerich, Head of Web Software Development at the active logistics solution center. The software was developed especially for medium-sized freight forwarders and cooperative networks. “Our customers can document all freight movements in the application and evaluate transports for quality control,“ reports Stefan Eyerich. Thus they are able to identify potential room for improvement early on in their supply chain. Since active tracking fully supports electronic data interchange (EDI), this solution can be connected to any transport management system. The software supports all prevalent freight forwarding data formats.

In addition to just track & trace, active tracking also offers additional functions such as a ticket module supporting the freight forwarder’s customer service desk. It makes it possible to exchange messages regarding shipments with all connected partners and generate extensive statistics. Additionally, the CO2 footprint of transported shipments can be calculated. All data from the application can be automatically exported as an Excel or .csv file. active tracking will soon be connected to the order entry module, active weborder. What’s more, consignors can track the freight forwarding orders they entered themselves.