Data logistics
active logistics becomes technology partner for Picturepark

The Swiss provider of digital asset management (DAM) systems, Picturepark, is now using active EDI from active logistics. The cloud solution enables the bidirectional exchange of product images and the associated meta data between the databases of the DAM provider and its customers.

Niederaula, 24th October 2017
All the product information of a company bundled online and distributed centrally – this is one of the tasks of the database system of Picturepark. In addition to product photos, the application also captures and provides technical data and product descriptions. This information is not only used internally, it can also be made available to wholesalers and retailers for their various sales channels.

In addition to the connection of Picturepark via individual interfaces or connectors to the respective data base systems of its customers, the Swiss company now also relies on the data transmission through active EDI as standardized middleware. “Currently, we are creating a content connector that acts as a translator between our EDI Cloud and the Picturepark database system,” explains Heiko Foltys, Partner and Customer Relationship Manager at active logistics. Picturepark does not need a desktop software or its own development department: the IT service provider from Niederaula takes all necessary steps to set up an interface.

It is important for Picturepark to offer its customers a wide range of integration possibilities between their databases and the content system of the company. The DAM application creates consistency when accessing the latest product data and media. “Customers using our system have no redundancy or ambiguity with regard to data sources,” said Philip Axmann, Director of Global Business Development at Picturepark. “All content such as media and texts of a certain type are entered into a single system and are accessed from there media-independently from all users and applications.”

This is especially important for companies whose product information is published in several languages and different applications and which are accessed not only by trading partners but by various departments such as marketing, development, quality assurance or sales within the company.
With its EDI solution, active logistics offers the Swiss company a real-time monitoring of the data exchange and proactively contacts the respective customers in case of problems, for example in the case of incomplete data.