Versatile EDI solutions for optimized business processes

Our EDI as a Service solution for customer connections & data exchange

You would like to exchange data with your customers but you are working with different formats? Whether it is standard formats, in-house development or proprietary formats by big providers which cannot easily be exchanged between systems – you need a solution for your electronic data exchange with your customers. This is where our active EDI cloud comes into play. With our conversion solutions we are converting your business data (orders, delivery receipts, invoices and many more) from the internal format via individually developed mappings to the desired end format which will then be delivered to your partner. Your data flow is guaranteed: active EDI Cloud takes your exported data via different ways and various transport protocols and forwards them converted, in real-time or asynchronous. Just a few examples: FTP, SFTP, AS2, E-mail, WebServices (SOAP, JSON), Mailbox system, OFTP (+v2)…

Customer connections – flexible and individual

Now, how does your customers’ data get into your warehouse management system (WMS) or into your transport management system (TMS)? With active EDI cloud, we offer data exchange and conversions as a service, securely hosted in our data center. Thus, you remain flexible as you do not even have to install the conversion solution in-house and therefore do not have any efforts with mapping creations.

You want to connect your customer but they cannot provide data via EDI? Then you can use active weborder, our online order entry. Combined variations are possible: your customer can send us pre-recorded data which we will integrate in active weborder. Thus, your customer can access the complete functionalities even without a direct EDI connection. This includes label printing, databank supported, reviewed dangerous goods registration and much more. And you receive your shipment data in the desired format.

Data exchange secure and future-oriented

In times of industrie 4.0 and logistics 4.0, enormous amounts of data volumes are created and exchanged – and it will become more. One of the most important aspects here is the security! We would like to offer you secured, encrypted and future-oriented communications channels like SFTP, OFTP2 and AS2. Our active EDI cloud is operating in our ISO certified data center by German law, so you do not need your own servers, do not have to worry about your security and relieve your internal IT infrastructure.

Partner networking- even world-wide

IFCSUM, IFTMIN, IFTSTA, BORD512 – these are only some of the data formats which are used in the national and international data exchange. Do you have to know them? No, because you have a partner in us who has been working intensively with this topic for more than fifteen years and is gaining experience daily in sucessfully implemented projects.

We optimize your processes and data streams

The electronic data interchange is one of the essential success factors for optimized intercorporate processes. Via active EDI, our electronic data interchange, messages such as orders, delivery advices and invoices are sent paperless.

But in the jungle of a multiplicity of branch individual formats and a constantly increasing data volume you can easily get bogged down. Here, you need a competent partner to process your transactions fast, secure, transparent and cost-effective. With our expertise and our experienced active EDI consulting team we will work closely with you to find pragmatic and optimized solutions for your individual challenges.

For more than 15 years in step with the technology.

Benefit from our more than 15 years expertise in the field of EDI integration, infrastructural topics and our interbranch know-how. Together with you, our consultants team will find an optimal solution for the data and information exchange with your customers, partners and service providers.

With the individual development of conversions, our service and the inclusion of all communication partners, we are offering entirely integrated solutions for any business domain and any company size.
The multiplicity of successful implemented projects and the constant development of our profession know-how are making us the experts in mapping all relevant EDI, ERP and TMS systems, message formats and business processes – in real time as well as classical file based.

Together with you we consult, plan and develop your EDI project while taking your corporate processes and existing systems into consideration and will reliably steer the project towards the desired result. We develop the ideal mix of own operation, cloud services and individual solutions for a cost-effective and future-proof EDI processing.

The modern webbased order entry for forwarders with a direct EDI integration

A fundamental factor of success for modern forwarding service providers is an efficient data communication. There is enormous potential especially in handling the order processes from the customer to you as forwarder: with reducing manual entry processes via your own expert staff you increase efficiency and save time.
By using the webbased shipment registration you can not only integrate your customer better into the data flow but also outsource work. Both shipment and procurement orders can be entered directly by your customers using active weborder and be transmitted to the responsible forwarder. Thus, you close gaps in the EDI coverage of your supply chain, reduce costs effectively and improve data quality.

Intuitively and mobile:

With an intuitive and modern user interface, active weborder is particularly user friendly. This does not only minimize errors when entering orders but also reduces your training efforts and increases acceptance with the customers. The system is responsive as well – usable with mobile devices. The interface responds to smartphone or tablet resolutions and can be used by touch, completely without mouse or keyboard. The modern web technologies enhance reaction time of the application which provides stress-free work.


Due to the customizable design of the application, you can change the application’s appearance with a few clicks to match your corporate design. For a seamless integration into your existing webportals we can make active weborder available in your own URL with your own branding.


You determine which data and selections your customers are able to see. To do this, active weborder uses extensive master data based configuration possibilities. Thus, you can adapt the application to your forwarder’s system by using individual codelists, for example. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the entry options to individual customer needs by using dynamic configurations per customer. This enables you to make the order entry options as easy as possible and improve data quality.

Independent and integrative:

With active weborder, active logistics offers you a clever solution which can communicate with every transport management system and every forwarder’s software. By linking to active EDI, all orders are available within seconds after insertion in optimal data quality and according to your individual needs.

Even the standard offers widespread data formats like:
• Forwarding formats like FORTRAS and EDIFACT
• SAP data format Idoc
• various sectoral formats (e.g. like by VDA)
Arrangements of individual data formats is possible as well, whether it is Fixed Record, Separated Values or XML.

Creates all neccessary documents

The processing of loading is accelerated by active weborder as well: your customer can themselves create barcodes and papers as well as print loading lists. And you can adapt your standard documents individually to your needs.

Minimal administration:

The intelligent rights and role concept of active weborder minimizes your own administrative time and efforts. Especially a complex user management is no longer necessary. Your customers will appreciate the smaller communication obstactles.

Preserving resources:

The lowest possible data transmission rate between server and client preserves your line capacities and enables easy-running operating – even with a low bandwidth.

Small investment risk:

By using our modern SaaS operation model you avoid every local installation and the technical effort which would arise in operating your own webportal. All services and functions are available for you and your customers directly within the cloud. For active weborder we can offer you an attractive pricing model where you only pay for what you actually use. Without long contract duration or additional hardware costs.

Software development for EDI, transport and logistic – for optimized data streams

You have requirements for which no standard solution is available at the market? You would like to improve the IT coverage of your processes and would like to automate your supply chain? Our experienced developer team will – together with you – find a fitting solution. With our competent process consulting we will show you how you are able to take production and cost advantage using an individual software development. We hereby rely on current web development technologies for appealing user interfaces as well as on highly available systems for critical background processes. On demand we also design responsive interfaces so that an ideal operation on tablets and smartphones is provided.

With more than 15 years experience and an allrounder team of Java EE and web software engineers as well as EDI experts we are your competent partner. Our medium-sized and major customers know us as experts, especially in the following areas:

  • Tracking Solutions
  • Clearing and Billing Applications
  • Order Entry Systems
  • Communication and Process Automation
  • Data Transfer and Conversion

By using agile development methods, we make sure to ideally involve your employees in the development process. The software is of course tested by our quality assurance team before every live rollout. If required we would be pleased to provide you with an acceptance environment.

Software as a Service

With an individual software solution from our company you are investing in a cost-efficient solution without local installation. We manage the operation of the software in our data processing centre and care for the protection of the systems, the high availability and all other questions concerning the software operation. Many of our customers are using the possibility to integrate the cloud solution in their system environment via secure standard gateways like REST or SOAP services.

Partnership withIntershop

The active logistics solution center in Niederaula has formed a new partnership with Intershop, an independent provider of solutions for Omni-Channel commerce. The company provides software for internet marketing including all associated services. Additionally, Intership carries out the whole process chain of online trade including fulfillment for their customers. Together with active logistics, Intershop provides the “EDI Hub”. It is the digital link between the Intershop Commerce Suit and all associated companies and partners, which guarantees an efficient, secure and fast electronical data exchange.

Partners only need to formulate their desired data format and the way of data exchange and receive their connection as a service. They profit from the active EDI advantages like cloud operation, processing of all established data formats, support of all established data transmission methods, WebServices ready and cost transparency via a transaction-based pricing modell. By means of this partnership, Intershop can provide their partners and customers with a comprehensive EDI solution from one source.

Beratung und Projektleitung für dieses innovative Produkt übernimmt das active EDI – Team von der active logistics AG. Durch unsere langjährige Kompetenz im EDI-Bereich von der Beratung, Planung/Konzeption und Betrieb bis hin zur Optimierung von Datenaustausch-
prozessen, stellen wir eine erfolgreiche Durchführung des Projektes und Entwicklung des EDI Hubs sicher.

Clear advantages when using EDI Hub:

• Usage of best-practice industrial standards (GS1 B2B)
• Efficient integration and adaptability to existing structures
• Quick change of suppliers or partners possible
• Scalable transaction based pricing modell – costs only increase when more transactions are processed
• High availability through our own data center – reliability and specialist team on site

Our partners

You can also trust our strong partners for an optimal implementation of your EDI project.