Dear users of active weborder

We are pleased to introduce to you our latest extension of active weborder.

In addition to the changes listed below for you, we have also improved “active weborder” for your customers. For more information see “What’s new for your shipper?”.

The following new features are available now with version 1.43.0.

We are looking forward to your feedback
and remain with best regards

Your active weborder team

Rollout 2020-04-22


    • General improvement in database access performance

New Service Request

    • If you have activated the transport tracking feature, your shippers can now send you a general transport request.

active weborder as an indipendent tracking platform

    • From now on you can use active weborder as a pure tracking platform – regardless of the order entry functionality. If the tracking feature is activated, simply configure this option in the business relation configuration in the “General” mask.

Adjustments in the forwarder settings

    • New menu item “Subsystem Information”

f you have connection problems with active weborder or have problems with some features of active weborder, please make sure that your IT has unlocked (approved) the URLs listed in weborder under this menu item „Administration“ > „Subsystems information“. This new menu item is also available for your shippers.

    • Changed configuration create new user settings

The menu item “Create User Profiles” in the “Administration” menu has been removed; the function for creating a new user is now located on a button in the user list.

To create a new user, select the “Administration” menu > “User Management” > “User List” and click on the “New User Profile” button.

    • Change in Administration Menu

We have optimized the “Administration” menu for you.
Look forward to clearer structuring with the new menu items:

      • Order creation settings
      • Transport tracking settings
      • Subsystems Information

In Addition, the menu item “Document copies” has been included in the menu item “Document repository“. You can now configure this list using the menu Administration > Order creation Settings > Document Repository > Tab “Document Export“.

The menu item “Features” has been renamed to “Features and modules”.

    • Change in configuration mask for business relations

In the course of the new use of active weborder as an independent tracking platform, separate control of tracking and order functionalities is required. The configuration mask for business relations has therefore been adjusted.

On the “General” tab you activate / deactivate features and modules.

Order print settings have been moved from the “General” tab to the new “Order Settings” tab. In this tab you will also find the configuration of the tracking links and the setting options for colli numbers.

In the new “Transport tracking” tab, you can save the associated addresses and special accesses that are to be taken into account when entering the order, provided this feature is activated. For more details, please refer to the current forwarder’s handbook.

    • Improved search for business relations

We have optimized the search within the business relations for you. Previously, in the search you had to enter the correct, full name of the business relation. Partial terms or customer numbers were not found.

From now on, it is also possible to search for parts of words and customer numbers, as well as a combined query of several search terms.

Improvement transport tracking

    • The transport tracking has been extensively revised for better clarity. The list view is now individually configurable and further information is optionally available.

Improved responsive user interface

    • Improvement of list function buttons for mobile use

To make it easier to use the list functions via mobile devices, the list buttons have been changed again so that the view appears tidier and remains appealing, clear and easy to use even on small screens, for example on a Smartphone.

    • Reorganization of function “New”

To improve the usability of the application for mobile devices, we have set the function “NEW”, which is used to create new users, business relations, orders, etc., in the entire application on a button. Previously, the function was available as a separate menu item/submenu item.

new function for your shipper