With the recently released content update for active weborder, we are expanding the service portfolio of our modern SaaS solution for forwarding order entry with further interesting functions.

In addition to minor improvements that we have developed in close collaboration with our customers, two new features have been added.

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Document Repository
Documents can be stored as an attachment to an order in the document file and, if necessary, sent between the forwarder and the shipper with optional, automated e-mail to third parties.

You have the choice whether you want to send these attachments as a link list for downloading or as a file attachment. Alternatively, the references can also be exchanged via your proven EDI interface and the documents can also be accessed via our active weborder REST API.
This allows you to access all the information clearly in one place and still integrate your inventory processes and systems in the usual simple way.

Service extension
Thanks to comprehensive extensions to service and contacts, active weborder can now be integrated even better into your processes after commissioning.
For shippers, it is now optionally possible in active weborder to place requests on orders for the forwarding partner or to arrange cancellations. Forwarders are now also able to publish service contacts and contact persons directly in active weborder; if required, also individually for each customer.

An extended description can be found in the online documentation.

More information about active weborder can be found on our website and in our live Live-Webinar on 18.08.2020.