Dear users of active weborder

We are pleased to introduce to you our latest extension of active weborder.

In addition to the changes listed below for you, we have also improved “active weborder” for your customers. For more information see “What’s new for your shipper?”.

The following new features are available now with version 1.42.0.

We are looking forward to your feedback
and remain with best regards

Your active weborder team

Rollout 2020-01-29


    • General improvement in database access performance

Service and cancellation requests

    • For shippers, it is now possible in weborder to place enquiries to the forwarder in released orders.
      The request functionality is available free of charge as a feature in the forwarder’s environment under Administration > Features from the date of release.
      An extended description can be found in the online documentation.

    Cancellation functionality

    • Starting with the status “released”, you, as a forwarder, now have the option to mark an order as cancelled.
      Please note that this information is only intended as a response to your shippers; the status is not exported to you from the system.

Document repository

    • The “active document repository” feature can be activated per business relation.
      Documents in the “document file” can be used as an annex to an order for exchange between the shipper and the forwarder and can be sent to third parties (contractor/receiving customer) with optional, automated e-mail. You can decide whether you want to send these attachments as a link list for download or as a file attachment. Of course, the documents are also available via our weborder REST API.If you have any questions about prices and conditions, our project management will be happy to advise you under

Adjustments within contacts

    • In weborder, there are now different contacts for different functions in the forwarder’s environment. Your existing forwarder contacts will be migrated to the new functions. Therefore, please check your contact settings in the administration. Pre-announcements such as this one will in future exclusively be published to the system contact, which will of course still receive important messages (such as overflowing number sequences).
    • For the shipper, you can now use one or more defined service contact information in the header of the shipper environment.


     Order history

    • Data changes to the order are now documented. Among other things, changes to the order status, loading list status,
      export status of loading lists/procurement orders as well as label printing within the order is logged and shown in the
      order or in the list view.

Start routing repeatedly

    • As a forwarder’s administrator, you now have the option to re-enter loading lists and procurement orders through the routing,
      even if they have already been released (e.g. if data on the routing table have been adjusted or modified).
      Rerouting is logged in the order history. Together with the possibility to resend the loading lists via EDI, you have the option of correcting errors in the routing independently even after the assignment.

Improved list view of orders

Look forward to a revised and improved list view of orders and loading lists.

The display has been made clearer with unique symbols and/or improved texts and tooltips. Individual information can be deselected for display.

Please note that the application will have very reduced list views for all users when they are first entered after release.

Simply add the information that is personally relevant to you in your list view.
We will, of course, fully address this possibility in the shipper release information to minimize your support effort.

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