Dear users of active weborder

We are pleased to introduce to you our latest extension of active weborder.

In addition to the changes listed below for you, we have also improved “active weborder” for your customers. For more information see “What’s new for your shipper?”.

The following new features are available now with version 1.41.0.

We are looking forward to your feedback
and remain with best regards

Your active weborder team

Rollout 2019-11-21


    • Performance and layout optimizations of the order entry and in the optional transport tracing module
    • The document repository feature, as an upload for attachments to an order and optional automated e-mail to third parties, is further expanded and available as a beta Version.

OPTIONAL: Forwarder Settings of the feature “document repository”

    • The active document repository feature must be activated per business relation.
    • The documents can optionally be sent by e-mail as a link list for download or as an attachment.
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