Dear users of active weborder

We are pleased to introduce to you our latest extension of active weborder especially our new feature in the beta version document repository.

In addition to the changes listed below for you, we have also improved “active weborder” for your customers. For more information see “What’s new for your shipper?”.

The following new features are available now with version 1.40.0.

We are looking forward to your feedback
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Your active weborder team

Rollout 2019-10-31


    • Expansion of the module transport tracing.
    • Expansion of the dangerous goods point calculation at position level.
    • New beta version of the feature “document repository” as upload for attachments to an order for exchange between shipper and forwarder and optional automated e-mail sent to third parties.

Detail view, list view and -filter

The calculation of the dangerous goods points takes place at the position level.

Image  – dangerous goods points calculation at position level

  • Optional filter search criteria document repository:
  • Optional column document repository to display the transfer status of the attatchements:

OPTIONAL: Forwarder Settings of the feature “document repository”

Optionally, we offer the “document folder” (active document repository) as an additional active weborder feature. This functionality comes with additional charges and it may be requested via the feature page in the administration area. Uploads are billed based on the volume of data and the number of uploads per forwarding location. Current conditions can be found in the active weborder standard price list.

The maximum size of the upload is 8 MB.

All details can be found in the documentation of the application.

Image – step 1 forwarder settings document repository: create document types for the shipper

All details can be found in the documentation of the application.

Image – step 2 forwarder settings document repository: optional info via e-mail to the forwarder and/or an e-mail mailing list with links to download the documents

Features, modules and functions

    • All details can be found in the documentation of the application.

      Image- Drop down zone and edit as well as send e-mail of attached documents
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