Ladies and Gentlemen:

With the latest version 1.32 of active weborder, we offer your customers, in addition to numerous detailed improvements, the possibility to insert orders into the system via upload.
We also switched the standard format for the loading lists to upright format. In addition, a loading list can now only contain a maximum of 100 orders.

Your active weborder Team

Import of orders
This version enables it to import orders into the system. For this purpose, we first provide a very simple CSV format. Your customers will find sample files directly in the upload screen of the new sub menu item in active weborder and a more detailed description of the standard format was added to the shipper’s handbook.

In this context, the list view has also been extended so that you can now see the import status there for each order. In case of import errors, a detailed error protocol in each order informs about the necessary adjustments.

In addition to this standard format, active weborder’s upload module can be expanded very flexibly. If your customers have the data in a different file-based format, we can develop a suitable conversion for these individual formats and store it in the system.
If you are interested in this feature, please do not hesitate to contact our support.

Upright format for loading list
After numerous feedback from our user base, we decided to generally switch the loading list to upright format. This should now result in a significant saving of paper pages.
If you would like a change back to wide format, please simply contact our support, we will then change immediately.
If you already have an individual loading list in use, you will not be affected by this change.

Order list limit
With this version, we have limited the order lists to a maximum of 100 orders. This measure was necessary because otherwise printing the order led to timeout behaviour.
If you would like to load more than 100 orders at the same loading point for the same day, you simply need to create several loading lists.