Important letters are sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt or even sent with a messenger. The main thing is the shipping is verifiable. In IT, this is no different: Companies that submit data to business partners, customers or authorities require a very high standard of security. active EDI offers this service in the digital world with the Applicability Statement 2, the AS2 standard. “Figuratively speaking, it’s like physical certified mail,” explains Markus Duben from the active EDI branch in Niederaula. “We help our customers with AS2 to sign data and then send the data packets encrypted via the Internet,” adds Markus Duben.

In times of Industry 4.0 and new challenges in logistics, trade and industry, data volumes are getting bigger and bigger. Likewise, there is a growing need to master virulent security threats. The focus of your business considerations should therefore be on data security. This is guaranteed by active EDI with modern communication channels. With AS2, data is transferred by electronic data exchange. active EDI succeeds in connecting customers to industry and retailers and greatly simplifying data exchange. This refers to the sender side. But we involve your customers and other entrepreneurs in this communication. EDI eliminates manual entry and control of input by your employees. This saves time that you can use for your core business. “E-mail, fax, letters: Different transmission paths increase the workload and the error rate,” says Heiko Foltys about active EDI in Niederaula. “With AS2 you can channel your communication onto a transmission path,” continues Heiko Foltys. “All you have to do is agree on a language with your business partner,” adds Markus Duben. This refers to data formats such as XML, VDA and CSV. As soon as the sender releases the data, it is automatically sent via the Internet. The data is provided with an electronic RSA signature, encrypted and then sent via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http). An important aspect of security is that in any case a digital acknowledgment of receipt logs the transmission, receipt and decryption of the data.

AS2 was developed especially for communication between companies. Compared to communication over closed networks with OFTP and OFTP2, there are no additional costs for encrypted transmission over the Internet.

The IT professionals of active EDI offer you the data connection, its transmission and the data exchange with your customers, business partners and authorities as a complete solution. This also includes the offer of the complete technical infrastructure. You can furthermore rely on 24/7 support from the company’s two certified data centers in Niederaula, Hessen.