One hundred guests of active logistics gather information about digitalization in Fulda

The technical evolution of the established and Industry 4.0 are currently changing the economy drastically. If you have not yet jumped on the bandwagon, you have to do it now. active logistics explained to the guests at the Digital Day in Fulda how to buy the ticket.

Niederaula / Fulda, November, 17th 2017 — New technologies, new approaches, new pathes: Mario Vogt, Branch Manager of active logistics in Niederaula, outlines the contents of the Digital Day on 16th of November with these keywords. It was mainly about their importance for logistics. More than one hundred participants gathered in the vehicle hall of the 3G competence center in Fulda. Here they learned fascinating details about the relationships between industry, trade, logistics and the entire value chain. Mario Vogt explains: “We have set the course for the future.” The tracks clearly lead to digitalization.
Professor Kai-Oliver Schocke of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (FRA-UAS) points out in his key note what the main issues are from his point of view:
Digitalization can already begin with a new hand-held scanner in the warehouse. However, the decision to take the leap forward always has to come from the management level and, in the long run, cover all areas of a company. However, digitalization is not a matter of course for the logistics expert; it has to be initiated. Many companies founded in the digital age, such as start-ups, have no problem here. The situation is different for those whose core business is actually another, whose processes are complex and in which the digital dome cannot be put in place without looking at the benefits. “Kai-Oliver Schocke adds:” Logistics overslept opportunities here. ”
Numerous lectures during the Digital Days show that there is a lot to do. However, much has already happened – for example, IBM in Fulda is already demonstrating what the “Watson analytics” software based on artificial intelligence can already do today: analyze structured data and provide the user with the desired analyzes, for example, by region.
On the afternoon of the event, active logistics customers spoke, giving the participants valuable insights from practical experience.
“Digital transformation requires concrete measures,” underlines Heiko Foltys. He proudly refers to VR glasses, which are presented in the exhibition as part of the Digital Day and with which a user visualizes data. Especially with new developments in the data center in Niederaula, improvements of data connections via EDI interfaces and advances in augmented reality, active logistics has repositioned itself.
Mario Vogt is particularly pleased about the lively panel discussion: “It has shown that we have left a thematic mark on digitalization,” he explains. Not only for logistics.