Cooperation with conbee GmbH
active logistics integrates sensor data into shipment trace

In collaboration with conbee, the specialist for IoT solutions located in Frankfurt, active logistics enriches shipment information with precise condition data. Thereby, customers are now able to access measured values of mobile sensors via Track & Trace solutions, e.g. for exact delivery time estimations.

Niederaula, 10th of August 2017 — The active logistics Solution Center Niederaula has upgraded its applications for shipment tracking: Henceforth, customers will have the possibility of requesting additional status information on their deliveries which clearly exceeds the current determination of the position. Data on temperature, lightness of the environment or even the speeding up of goods are calculated by the so-called (Hybrid)Tags of conbee GmbH, which are placed directly on the loading equipment. The battery-operated data loggers transfer the desired condition information self-reliant within definable time intervals or on request. By using energy-efficient wireless networks, all values measured by these sensors flow back to the data processing center of Niederaula – as a centerpiece of the system – as well as to their Track & Trace application. That way it is provided, that the IT experts are able to calculate among others the estimated time of delivery very precisely. Additionally, the technology enables to trace the goods continuously. “That is the point which makes this exceeded tracking interesting for example for the food logistics, as there the compliance with the cold chain regulations is thoroughly checked“, Heiko Foltys, Key Account Manager of the active logistics Solution Center Niederaula explains.“ After an incident, products which are unfit for consumption can be disposed in time, before they are sold or processed.”

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