As of late, the first central customer is connected to the new module of the Cepra 3.0 platform. Transgourmet operates across Germany as a special supplier for hotel business, gastronomy, company catering and social institutions and is, via the head office of the agency, working together with all forwarding companies of the network. The regional CargoLine locations are hereby respectively carrying out the shipping orders for the customer. The placement of these shipping orders has become significantly easier with the weborder module: all central stores of Transgourmet can now directly enter their shipping orders online. For this purpose an address book is available which contains the master data of the respective sender and recipient. You can either enter the data via an entry screen or by an easy import process.

The active logistics solution center Niederaula developed this module with the objective of providing CargoLine’s customers with an easy and clearly arranged entry form which enables them to enter shipping orders themselves. “We hereby created a data chain without media disruption and at the same time reduced the administration effort within the forwarding process”, Marco Werner – project manager for CargoLine at active logistics in Niederaula – reports. And the data are available for usage within the Cepra 3.0 OrderLine platform immediately after their entrance.


Customized entry screen, short entry time
CargoLine customers who would like to work with the weborder module of Cepra 3.0 can each be authorized by their local forwarding partner. They will then get a customized entry screen, with which only those data are entered, which are really relevant for this customer. Furthermore, the software creates individual labels and printouts for the transport, which may contain additional information for the further processing at the recipient’s.
“Thanks to the clearly arranged view and the comfortable possibility to enter all data via keyboard it doesn’t even take a minute for our customers to create an order with weborder”, Jörn Peter Struck – Chairman of the CargoLine management – points out. To provide this area-wide, the solution center Niederaula will connect the single CargoLine locations to the weborder module gradually, each within only two working days.