A three-man-team is managing the solution center Niederaula.

The active logistics solution center Niederaula has a new top management. Since autumn, Bernd Leibold, Mario Vogt and Andreas Schofeld are managing the location. Before, the three of them were already working as area managers.

With the new management team, the leadership of the solution center Niederaula gained a new structure, with the leaders of the three areas now also sharing the overall responsibility for the location. Mario Vogt has worked for active logistics for eleven years and has been leading the activities within the EDI area (Electronic Data Interchange) since the beginning of the year. Since January 2013 Andreas Schofeld is directing the software development area. Bernd Leibold is the head of the data center since January 2015. Together they are now making decisions concerning the solution center as a whole. At the same time they remain as contacts within their previous functions for the customers of active logistics. “We are glad that long-time employees who have best knowledge about our company and our customers have taken these important leading duties.” says Arnold Kriener, management board of active logistics. “With this new top management we will design the future of the location.“ For the further development of the solution center, the management team has decided to intensify the marketing of their own services in the area of electronic data interchange in the future.

Development focus Electronic Data Interchange
“In our role as service provider for major general cargo networks, we have connected our customer’s customers to our data center in the past two decades “, reports Mario Vogt, area leader EDI. This includes amongst others a big part of the DAX corporations. “We are transferring their order data to the connected forwarding partners“, says the area leader EDI. For this task active logistics has developed a data hub 40?? which, for example, receives data, converts them to the required receiving format and then transfers them. “Using the data hub we can connect any sending and receiving point of a network,” Mario Vogt explains.

Vertical system integration within organizations
The single connected systems don’t necessarily have to operate in different companies. “Via our data hub we are also able to integrate the whole IT environment of an organization vertically, and the complete data inventory is merged,” Mario Vogt points out. The advantage of this procedure is that active logistics has meanwhile developed standard interfaces for the most popular live systems. In case of updates for these systems, the standards have to be adjusted only one time to maintain the function. „”That ist why the use of our data hub is clearly more cost-efficient than the individual development of customer-specific interfaces,” emphasizes the EDI leader.